Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Artisan Door Wreath Creator Gains Global Niche

Hello, my name is Janell Laurie, and I design and create wreaths for home, weddings, and office decor.  My shop is HomeHearthGarden.Etsy.Com, located in southern Michigan.
My passion has always been creating home and wedding décor.  After my last son graduated, I devoted my time with my husband’s business, an international building products company.  My role in the company was office management, customer service, trade shows, and global logistics.  After selling the business, I found myself free to re-focus on my passion ….designing and creating floral accents for home and weddings.

My eldest son suggested I open a shop on Etsy.com.  (He and his wife started BlueGoatStudio on Etsy in 2012.) So, I did it!!  In the fall of 2013, I opened HomeHearthGarden.Etsy.Com .

It has been a world wind since opening my shop.  My day starts each morning with a morning coffee and reviewing overnight orders.  Then tracking all order shipments, and reaching out to customers to make sure they received and are happy with their new wreath.  The rest of the day is spent creating the new orders.  My evenings are spent researching and reviewing new products and suppliers.

I never dreamed the response that has come in from global clients. One evening I was reviewing the past year orders and was surprised to see how many customers and the number of counties that have purchased wreaths from my shop – 12 countries in Europe, Asia, plus Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

There are 2 very memorable international customers that come to mind:

1 - A client from a small French village ordered a fall wreath for her estate.  Her address, however, was simply her name and the name of the town….no street, no house number, etc..  The wreath delivered without an issue. (The next time I am in Europe I am definitely going to visit that village).

2 - I received a convo about 1 a.m. asking if I could make a customized wreath for a wedding. She was traveling back from Sweden to Japan for her wedding 10 days away.   We collaborated on design and color and I was able to make and deliver the wreath in time for her wedding.

There are so many talented wreath makers out there…I am very surprised, deeply honored, and blessed that they chose me to create their wreath.

To all my clients: THANK YOU for choosing HomeHearthGarden !!

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