Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wreaths and Customer Care

Customer relations are paramount to the success of any organization.  I have spent most of my career in office management, trade show management, and customer service management within the specialty building products industry.  Believe me, customer relations are vital to the success and confidence of any business or brand.

 I had the opportunity to engage in my creative passion with home d├ęcor.   In 2013 I launched my very own company on Etsy called Home Hearth Garden to design and make handcrafted decorations for the home.  In February this year, I launched a spring line of wreaths for the front door.  I am so amazed at the response I received from my customers.

The greatest reward for me is receiving an email from a customer after they receive their wreath and to hear their excitement.  One very sweet lady purchased one of my Hydrangea Wreaths for her front door.  See wrote to tell me she hung the wreath on her door, and then drove up and down the street over and over because it made her house look so pretty.  What could be more rewarding than to hear that level of satisfaction?  Another customer, a soldier in our military, didn’t receive his wreath package.  (I track almost every customer shipment to know when it has delivered and send a quick email note to each customer following delivery.)  All the normal delivery tracking with his package showed the product delivered to him on time.  He checked with his post office to discover that the packaged had delivered, but most likely someone in his area took the package.   He was being deployed again in just a couple months.  So, I made him a new wreath at no charge.  We tracked the package together online to ensure he was present to receive his wreath.  He couldn’t believe it.  To me the end result is the most rewarding.
Creativity, quality materials, and pride in constructing my handmade wreaths are critical components for my business.  But, the most essential part of operating my company is Customer Care.  I just think about when I purchase something online and the excitement felt when the package finally arrives at my front door.  My expectation is to open the box to find my ‘new treasure’.  That is what I believe my customers also feel.  So, a simple follow up note in an email to check on them after they receive the package, to me, is a vital step in ensuring their satisfaction.  But also to let my customers know, I am there if they have any problems.

I want to thank all my unbelievable customers for coming and purchasing my spring and summer wreath creations! And for all their kind words back to me either in an email or review.  I am finishing development of my fall and winter wreath collections and will continue to introduce them in June, July, and August.

Home Hearth Garden

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