Thursday, July 31, 2014


A Blue Hydrangea Wreath featuring artificial blooms in 4-denim blue, 2-butter yellow, and 2-white hydrangeas. The blooms are attached to a grapevine wreath base and the perimeter of the wreath is accented with realistic green leaves.

This is an 8 Hydrangea Wreath approx. 21" diameter and 7" deep


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Beautiful hydrangea wreath with green, cream, and autumn orange artificial hydrangeas. Excellent addition for your front porch door decorations.  Handmade from Home Hearth Garden!


A fall hydrangea wreath for door with burnt autumn orange, cocoa brown, and off-white hydrangeas. A beautiful selection for decorating your front entryway door or back door.  Handmade by Home Hearth Garden.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Autumn Harvest Wreath

New for 2014 Fall Wreath Collection from Home Hearth Garden is a wreath for autumn loaded with artificial fall leaves and autumn berries and a authentic looking pumpkin centerpiece. Beautiful handcrafted addition for your fall porch decorations, Halloween decor, and front door decor.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Antiqued Look Hydrangea Wreath for Fall and Wedding Decor

A soft touch antiqued looking hydrangea wreath crafted with artificial antique white hydrangeas and green hydrangeas with an ivory ribbon bow on a natural grapevine wreath base. A nice accent for wedding decoration, home decor, and front door wreath.
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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fall Hydrangea Berry Wreath - Monogrammed

Here is an autumn door wreath dressed in a collection of fall colors featuring an off white hydrangea complemented with berries, peony leaves and finished with parsley green satin ribbon. 

Friday, July 11, 2014


Have you ever had one of those days where you need to be encouraged?  I was having one of those days having to help plan a Memorial service for a very close relative. Then, my phone 'dinged' with an incoming was from one of my customers with such an uplifting email. It was just a short note, but it meant the world to me. She had recently purchased one of my new hydrangea berry fall wreath designs and received it that day.  (I follow-up with each customer to make sure they received their wreath and to make certain they are pleased with their purchase.)

She responded in her email: "It is beautiful.  I'm thinking about purchasing another one but smaller.  Does the 6 hydrangea wreath have 2 of each color?"

Then, to put 'the icing on the cake' for me,  she followed up with a wonderful product review on my Etsy site.

Her review: "Just beautiful, one of the nicest wreaths I have ever seen. Love it!"

We had the Memorial service today (Friday).  Friday evening, she emailed me again to let me know that she placed the order for the second wreath.  She doesn't know, but her timing could not have been any better - so encouraging.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Stunning Hydrangea Door Wreath

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This full and lush Hydrangea wreath is an extraordinary front door wreath or wedding wreath, handmade with premium, full-bodied, artificial hydrangea flowers accompanied with green hydrangea leafs and a tight-weave fine celery green burlap bow on a grapevine wreath base. 

6 Hydrangea wreath measures 15-16" in diameter and 5" deep.
9 Hydrangea wreath measures 19-20" in diameter and 5" deep.
12 Hydrangea wreath measures 22-24" in diameter and 5" deep.

The wreath in the photo is a 9 - Hydrangea Wreath

Personalized Hydrangea Wreath

A gorgeous natural grapevine wreath with a cream hydrangeas, rose pink hydrangeas, and green hydrangeas with personalized monogram letter and fine burlap bow. This wreath selection has been used as a welcoming door decoration to the wedding hall. One wreath on each of the double doors with the initials of the bride and groom.

The quality and attention to detail in the artificial hydrangea pedals that provide the feel and texture of authentic hydrangeas. Also look at the green leaf accent foliage.

Overall size is 20 - 22 inches and 5" deep, excellent choice for most any door size.

All handmade construction using only the highest quality materials to provide simply the best wreath. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Home Hearth Garden is First To Introduce Complementary Wreath Upgrades

Home Hearth Garden leadership brings the FIRST COMPLEMENTARY UPGRADES for Wreaths by providing free wreath hanger and UV resistant protection spray with every wreath purchase.

IMAGINE - it is Saturday…your 8th birthday… you blow out the candles on your cake and now it is time to open your gifts.  Now you go and open the LAST, the biggest GIFT and you just know it is the one YOU WANTED.  You tear off the wrapping and there-it-is!!! You open the top of the box and slide it out.  With a satisfied grin you hold and turn it and flip it marveling at every side.  You find the on-off switch and turn it on..but nothing happens. Then, on the side of the box you find those demoralizing words "batteries not included"...ugh!!!

I feel my customers get just as EXCITED as I do when I buy something online and that day has finally arrived.  The doorbell rings and it is the postman, or UPS, or FedEx person with my package ("my gift").  Soooo excited, I pop open the box lid and want to see it, to use it, enjoy “MY GIFT”.  So too, MY CUSTOMERS buy a very special wreath from my shop.  (I think of all the wreaths they could have purchased online, they chose one of my designs and hand creations.)  I envision their excitement as I would when the package arrives.  They slide the wreath from the box, unwrap the tissue paper and marvel at their 'gift' choice. Immediately, it must go up on display. And I think about the 8-year olds’ gift without batteries is like receiving a wreath without a wreath hanger.  Therefore, I offer every wreath customer with a complementary wreath hanger upgrade (in black, white, or gold).  It is a small gesture to complete the 'gift' receiving experience for my customers…to be able to immediately display their new wreath decoration.

Craftsmanship is paramount at Home Hearth Garden.  I am a particular about my designs, materials, and construction of my wreaths. Exceedingly finicky, I endeavor to select only the finest materials for my wreath construction.  The quality of wreaths I make are a reflection of me, and I demand the do my customers. My customers email me to say my wreaths are beautiful; out of the box, my wreaths are beautiful; displayed on their door, my wreaths are beautiful. Grateful, I continue to think about their wreath on their door and what more can I do for them. Sun-up to sun-down, 7 days per week…that is a lot of sunshine for a wreath.  Drawing from my experience in the exterior building products business, sun-up to sun-down, 7 days a week, can have long term weathering effects on exterior products, e.g. paint, vinyl siding, window frames, etc.  Even furniture and carpet fabrics are affected by the sun through the window glass. Therefore, to extend the longevity of my door wreaths for my customers, I provide a complementary UV Resistant spray upgrade to the artificial flowers of all my wreaths.
Home Hearth Garden
Founder, Designer, & Maker

Sunday, July 6, 2014

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Summer / Fall Hydrangea Wreath

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The summer and fall wreath design captures the earthy elements of the seasons. This handmade wreath features the finest quality of artificial green hydrangeas, cocoa brown hydrangeas, and soft cream hydrangeas and complemented with a satin fabric parsley-green bow on a natural grapevine wreath base. Green leafs accent the perimeter of the wreath with just a subtle touch of the changing of the seasons.

6 Hydrangea wreath measures 15-16" in diameter and 5" deep.
9 Hydrangea wreath measures 19-20" in diameter and 5" deep.
12 Hydrangea wreath measures 22-24" in diameter and 5" deep.

The wreath in the photo is a 9 - Hydrangea Wreath

As with all my wreaths, this wreath purchase comes with a complimentary door wreath hanger. A heavy duty thin metal door wreath holder coated with a black color finish, gold tone finish, or White color finish. Measurements are 7/8 inch wide by 12 inches tall. Use for inside and outside doors.